Huff Global Logistics Consulting (HGLC) is a consulting firm focused on helping Transportation Companies, OEM’s, Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Suppliers and other Customers solve their logistics problems by analyzing their current situation (cost and delivery efficiencies) and getting them to a more defined/desired state.


The company is owned by Roger B. Huff, who is the President and lead consultant. Roger has over 30 years of Transportation and Logistics experience as an executive in the automotive industry at General Motors and at Ford Motor Company. In addition, he is a member of the Executive Committee of the Transportation Research Board in Washington D.C. and the State of Michigan’s Commission on Transportation and Logistics.

HGLC has been established as a Michigan based LLC and will have a team of highly experienced consultants that will assist companies to improve customer service operations and develop cost effective solutions for their supply chain, warehousing, material handling, export and import operations, customs, 3PL optimization and network management.

HGLC will have a focus on the client’s transportation needs, enabling small and mid-size businesses in the U.S. and International Markets to reduce their transportation cost, improve customer delivery efficiency and maintain required compliance practices spanning across all transportation modes. (Trucking, Rail, Air, Ocean, Multi Modal). Current state analytics will be utilized to target a customer’s desired state with respect to annual transportation cost, on time delivery, and customs and duty cost.


The HGLC target market is U.S. and International small and mid-size transportation companies (all modes), OEMs, manufacturing and non- manufacturing companies and local and state agencies that seek transportation solutions that are cost efficient and customer focused.


HGLC will use its vast experience and proven processes to provide value to its customers. The methodology will initially begin with a current state analysis and customer expectation alignment of desired outcomes. HGLC will utilize proprietary tools such as:

  • Total Landed Cost Model

  • Lean Network Strategy Development Model

  • 3PL Utilization matrix

  • Outsource vs Insource Decision Model

  • Customs areas of focus tools for (HTS) classification, Free Trade Agreements and Broker Management.

  • Logistics Network Management Analysis Tools



HGLC will not focus our marketing efforts on how we work or how great we are or uniqueness from other consultants. We will instead focus on our client’s needs and how we will get results, solve problems and get the client from their current state to a more desired and less costly situation.

HGLC process for getting clients will include:

  1. Description of the problem richly and vividly. Showing the respective client, we understand their pain. Our prospective clients will feel they are reading a page from their own confidential diary and when they do, they will automatically believe that we have a solution to their problem/issue.

  2. HGLC will identify the cost of not solving that client’s problem. If done right, you get the client’s attention. HGLC will utilize a time line to illustrate this data indicating the value over time.

  3. HGLC will prove they can solve our client's transportation and logistics problems for free, then do it and get paid.

  4. HGLC will utilize a company website, amazon, linked-in, email, phone, skype, Transportation Industry connections, printed media and webinars to reach clients.


The HGLC pricing will be negotiated with the client based on time and as an option, a negotiated percentage of the saved value.

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